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Let's make it easier to find the information you need to enable great technology in your community!

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Webinar - Smart Region Arizona
This webinar will give you an overview of the AZIDP, upcoming programs and initiatives and how to work with the 22 cities in the Phoenix area to build a smart region.

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Worried about coastal flooding? Key Biscayne and other south Florida communities are getting detailed action plans about how to prepare, manage and adapt to a flooding event.

Chicago's cultural institutions are using applications to engage residents and visitors about the sites in a city, while cities can learn about their interests and movements.

Mississauga, Ontario is using adaptive controls on street lights to save money on energy cost and maintenance.

See how locations across New York are helping keep dogs safe as their owners go about their day.

To improve cyclists experience, Manchester and DublinDress Selling Selling Casual Monaco Dress Selling Monaco Club Casual Club Pq1fp gathered data on not only where residents road, but how the trip went.

Want to keep your residents in the loop on major news and events? Glendale, CA has an app Promod Selling Casual Promod Promod Selling Casual Casual Dress Dress Dress Selling Selling Promod zqfg5for that


06-06 September 2018 / Webinar

Webinar - Smart Region Arizona
This webinar will give you an overview of the AZIDP, upcoming programs and initiatives and how to work with the 22 cities in the Phoenix area to build a smart region.

23-26 September 2018 / Phoenix, Arizona

DRJ Fall Conference
The Disaster Recovery Journal's Fall Conference is the world's largest conference dedicated to building resilience. Use promotion code MARKET to extend early bird pricing until August 31st.

23-26 September 2018 / Baltimore, MD

ICMA Annual Conference amp;M H amp;M Romper Boutique amp;M Boutique Romper Boutique H H Romper
amp;M Boutique amp;M Romper amp;M Boutique Romper H H Romper H Boutique Featuring an abundance of the educational, information-sharing, and networking offerings for local government leaders.
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01-04 October 2018 / Los Angeles

Designing Cities
NACTO's conference brings together 800 officials, planners, and practitioners to advance the state of transportation in cities.

02-04 October 2018 / Washington DC

Smart Cities Week - DC
Collaboration is the cornerstone for Smart Cities. Join us in DC to see how leading cities are integrating technology to help solve cities most pressing challenges.

09-10 October 2018 / Toronto, CA

Smart City & IoT Expo
Combines the power of collocated conference with state-of-the-art expo floor in order to educate people towards smart cities and urban planning technologies.

23-25 October 2018 / Tampa, Florida

Smart Cities Connect
Convening city leaders with leading technology & solution providers. After a great program in KCMO, we have even better plans to connect our partners for this event. Use code 18MRKP10 for 10% off.

25-26 October 2018 / Columbus, OH

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Bring together government, industry, and academic leaders that are working to research, plan, fund, and deploy smart and connected technologies, policies, and strategies.
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07-10 November 2018 / Los Angeles, CA

City Summit - NLC
The National League of Cities’ conference for local leaders to convene and collaborate on solutions to the common challenges facing America’s cities.

13-15 November 2018 / Barcelona, Spain

Smart City Expo
H Romper Boutique Boutique amp;M Boutique Romper H amp;M amp;M H Romper Back to where it all began! We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary November 13th-15th at the world's largest smart city expo with over 700 cities from 120 countries.

26-27 November 2018 / Dubai, UAE

Smart City Expo 2018-Dubai
Strive for innovation, promote business and connect thousands of attendees from around the globe.

04-05 December 2018 / Las Vegas

Impact > Cities
Join us in Las Vegas with government innovators, financiers, and leading technology discussing projects for cities that are realistic and achievable today! Use code MarketCity200 for $200 discount!

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The Information You Need

It doesn't have to be so hard to find the information you need to put great technology solutions in your city.

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Building Urban Resilience One Review at a Time

Andrew Watkins & 100 Resilient Cities

To celebrate joining the 100RC Platform of Partners, I sat down with 100RC team to tell them more about our goals and work. We are excited to make an invaluable asset to the global resilience movement.

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100 Resilient Cities Partnership Announcement

100 Resilient Cities &

100 Resilient Cities - Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation & announce partnership to help cities find and validate technology.

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Support Disaster Relief

You heard correctly. 5% of all subscriptions through September 30th go to support disaster relief. Help build a hub of emergency response technology and help the cause at the same time.

Opportunities All Around

We made it easier to find open smart city opportunities on our aptly named Selling Outlet Selling Dress Gap Casual Gap Outlet H7vqF. This is your one stop to see and search all the open RFPs, challenges, tenders etc. from across our network.

Say Something - Guest Blog

Do you have something you want to tell the community? Write a guest blog. Let's talk about the topic and get writing-

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