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Online PR management suite

​​Influencing is an end-to-end PR management suite encompassing Australia's best media database, flexible yet simple news distribution and powerful reporting capabilities.

Influencing is the easiest way to build and maintain media lists. You're provided with hundreds of ways to query our database and then you can easily create lists that can even automatically update. Our media profiles include deep intelligence including pictures, biographies, media coverage, social media updates and recent activity. And we time-stamp the last time each contact was checked, so you know you're dealing with up-to-date data.

  • 21 Forever Romper Boutique 21 Romper Forever Boutique 21 Forever Boutique Romper Boutique 21 Forever Most accurate and comprehensive database
  • Deep profiles and intelligence
  • Track all your media interactions
  • Sophisticated search options
  • Romper Boutique Boutique Boutique 21 21 21 Boutique Forever Forever Romper Forever Romper 21 Forever Automatic updating of media lists


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It's hard to believe that so many PR professionals are still sending press releases by BCC'ing emails from Outlook. Influencing brings your news distribution processes into the modern-day allowing you to send personalised, measurable news distributions that easily incorporate images and rich formatting.

  • Send personalised emails
  • Tailor the message for every recipient
  • Track who opens and clicks on what
  • Generate reports and analytics
  • Easily adhere to spam regulations


Calling around hundreds of publications to get features lists is a fate you wouldn't want to bestow on your worst enemy. Thankfully, with Influencing you don't have to. Our research teams collects, enters and categorises features lists and editorial calendars from hundreds of outlets in Australia and New Zealand. 

  • Romper Forever Romper Boutique Forever 21 Romper Boutique 21 Boutique 21 21 Boutique Forever Forever Save time and money
  • Opportunities categorised and searchable
  • Forever Boutique 21 Boutique Boutique 21 Forever 21 21 Romper Romper Romper Forever Forever Boutique Tag opportunities for later reference
  • Forever Boutique Romper Forever Forever 21 Romper Boutique 21 21 Romper Boutique Boutique 21 Forever Romper Romper Boutique Forever 21 Boutique Forever 21 Romper Forever 21 Boutique Forever Boutique 21 Exclusive 'media requests' on some beats


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​Influencing boasts the industru's most powerful and flexible reporting engine. We understand that every company has its own reporting needs, so our reporting engine has been built to enable simple template creation so even the most complex reports can be created at the click of a button

​Most PR professionals suffer from chronic inbox overload. Get your workflow out of your inbox and into a single "team stream" that lets all members of a department or agency share their experiences and insight. It's like having your own private Facebook.

  • Team collaboration
  • Contact management
  • Task and project management
  • Timesheet
Materials 100% Lyocell

​Influencing comes with online media monitoring built it, at no additional cost. Our monitoring engine extracts coverage from thousands of Australian websites and blogs to ensure you're on top of what is being said about your brand and products.

Additionally, upgrade to a Premium Newsroom and you can add your own clips (online, print or broadcast) to your monitoring library and make use of our powerful analytics, charting and reporting.

  • Free online monitoring
  • Powerful charting and reporting
  • Advanced analytics and analysis

​Every day, Influencing brings you the latest moves and changes in the PR and media communities. With a dedicated team of journalists, bringing the latest news and insights as it happens, Influencing prides itself on deep engagement with its users.

  • Media movements and changes
  • Journalist and publication profiles
  • PR Agency wins and hires
  • Corporate comms movements
  • PR thought leadership and how-to's
Used by Australia's top communicators

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